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Bears... pugs.... musics...whatever your heart desires

This is my bandmate’s solo project.  I played drums on this track.  Listen to it because it fucking rocks.


These awesomely surreal and delightful collages are the work of Eugenia Loli, a California-based collage artist who uses images scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre and playful scenes. From a little girl creating our solar system by blowing bubbles to meat loaf that contains galaxies, children riding giant tortoises and planes that drop candy instead of bombs, these pieces reveal Loli’s love of science fiction and unabashed geekiness and we’re completely smitten.

For more of her wonderfully weird collages, follow Loli right here on Tumblr at eugenialoli. Prints of some of her collages are available here. She also offers many of her pieces as downloadable files under the Creative Commons license via her Flickr account.

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John Lennon photographed by George Harrison, presumably on a flight during The Beatles’ World Tour, 1964; screen capped from Living in the Material World

"I know with John Lennon, John Lennon’s an amazing person who is brilliant, is brilliant. There is no question about it. John Lennon is a saint and he is heavy duty and he is great and I love him. But, at the same time, he is such a bastard. But that’s the great thing about him." - George Harrison, 1975

"I think probably so much has been said about [John] already. But occasionally, you know, you miss him, because it would be fun to hang out with him. But at the same time, what I’ve got to be believe in over the years is the spiritual thing, that death is only like changing your suit. So now you’re in your physical body, and you’re in your astral body… He was great, he was brilliant, and he was a great soul. Still is." - George Harrison on John Lennon, 1987

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